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The interview

On the day leave yourself plenty of time, make sure your mobile is charged and any relevant contact numbers are stored on it  (just in case you get stuck in traffic, you can phone ahead and warn your interviewer, but remember to switch it off when you arrive). Arrive between ten and five minutes before the interview time, even if this means walking around the block three times to avoid being too early. If it is in the middle of winter and you have travelled by car, leave bulky coats in the car and make a dash for the entrance, juggling possessions and trying to shake hands at the same time makes you more octopus, than ideal bum for their seat!

Once you get into the interview room

Wait to be shown to a seat, try and look relaxed but always sit upright, not stiffly but lean forward slightly as this shows a keen interest in what the interviewer is saying. Above all, the most important thing to do throughout the interview is to LISTEN and REACT to both what the interviewer is saying and their own body language. Yes you want to show your presentation, but if your interviewer is starting to lose interest and looking at their watch, it is time to bring it to a close. Do not try to take over, let the interviewer take the lead.

The interviewer is probably seeing at least five further candidates and they have to 'fit' interviewing around their regular work load. Interviewing can also be tiring and sometimes a little monotonous! The best way to be remembered is to be clear, concise and positive (on no account be negative about anything).

If you have a portfolio or presentation remember to “present” this, it seems obvious but don’t hog your presentation, put it on the desk facing the client so they can easily see it.

It is also useful to take a note pad and pen to your interview, don't write notes incessantly as this can be rather off putting, just keep it in your bag until you feel you need it.

Don't be nervous, the interviewer wants you to be their perfect bum on their seat but at first interview it’s all about first impressions, leave the discussion about hours, salary, benefits etc. to us.

At the end of the interview

Confirm your interest in the role and thank your interviewer for their time.

When you get home

Take a few minutes to run through the interview in your mind. Then call us as soon as possible to talk through your thoughts.